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Strength training for women
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Strength training for women

Stength training - "Will I bulk up if I strength train?"


In most cases women should not worry adding bulk by strength training (also called weight training or resistance training). In fact strength training is a great form of exercise to include.

Here are just a few of the reasons:

  1. Men are able to bulk up due to their levels of testosterone (the ‘male’ hormone) being higher. Women have far lower testosterone levels and so, except in rare cases, are not able to build large muscle mass
  2. Muscle takes up less room than fat. As you burn fat and improve muscle tone the inches will actually disappear.
  3. Women tone up rather than bulk up. Better tone will mean a firmer, more shapely body.
  4. Muscle will help you burn calories. Fat is ‘dead weight’ as far as your metabolism is concerned. Muscle needs maintaining – that means calories being burned!
  5. Better muscle strength improves ability to do other forms of exercise – further boosting your ability to get and stay fit.
  6. Strength training reduces the risk of osteoporosis (brittle bones).

So, there are our six reasons to lift some weights. Don’t be afraid, you’re not going to start looking like a body builder. Keep the weight relatively light and do more reps. This will ensure that you get toned rather than big.

Good luck!

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