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Supercharge your body – get running!
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Supercharge your body – get running!

Top 10 sciency facts to prove running is fab!

Running is the simplest form of exercise.

You are born, you crawl, you walk, you run. You start with running to the things you want and from the things you want to escape (you knew your parents wouldn’t believe it wasn’t you who shoved the biscuit into the video recorder).

Nothing changes. You run because it takes you from the things you want to avoid and to the place you want to be. Here are just a few examples

1. Stress busting. Regular running has been proven to lower stress levels. Running is a way of running from your problems. They always seem smaller when you get back from a run
2. Sleep. Get back to sleeping like a baby. Regular exercise can improve sleep habits and reduce anxiety. A better night’s rest makes us all look and feel brighter
3. Calorie Burning. As a child you never worried about your weight. Running burns energy – or calories as they are measured in when we’re talking about food. Running is a great way of weight control
4. Body Composition. Regular running reduces your body fat percentage, whilst toning muscle. The calorie burning even continues after you’ve run as your body rebuilds itself – it’s still you just better. You literally get in shape
5. Blood Pressure. High blood pressure is definitely something to run away from. Behind these visible changes your blood pressure will start to drop within a few weeks of training
6. Self-esteem. Confidence and self-esteem have been shown to improve in response to regular running, most likely in response to the health benefits
7. Achievement. As you get fitter and healthier your running will improve. This is true whatever your age. You get a great buzz from being able to run further or faster than before.
8. Heart. Your heart becomes a bigger and more efficient pump in response to regular training. You feel the benefits
9. Better Blood Cholesterol. Total levels should drop and the ratio of good to bad cholesterol (HDL/LDL) improves with regular training.
10. Bone Density. The impact of running makes your bones more dense (this does not happen in swimming and cycling), which becomes more important the older you get.

As if you needed proof... 

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