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Womens Scott Supertrac RC2



A real off-road, long-distance cruiser. Built for both speed and comfort the shoe doesn't disappoint. With good levels of cushioning and traction combined with a high performance upper, you have a great performance shoe.
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Our verdict

A great off-road shoe that's well-rounded and happy where ever you venture. The combination of cushioning and traction is spot on so that it's equally as happy on firmer ground as it is in the mud. A unique upper construction provides high levels of water resistance and protection. It's light, fast and flexible too, so feels easy to get along with from the very first step.
  • Positive
  •  Good cushioning
  •  Good traction
  •  Light and flexible
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First impressions

Comfortable from the word go. The upper is an unusual and rather unique fabric, but it offers excellent protection from the terrain and weather. The shoe feels light and flexible on the foot and the cushioning soft enough to protect on impact without being too soft to bottom out on firmer or rocky ground.


The EVA midsole has varying densities from top to bottom to both feel soft enough to absorb impact but at the same time responsive enough to give a fast and confident feel. Ultimately it's a very well balanced feel and unlike anything you'll find on other off-road shoes.


Schoeller Coldblack and 3XDry materials used in the upper provide protection from the elements, be it wind, rain or sun. It keeps your feet dry whilst at the same time is breathable. It's hard wearing too. Having a good level of water replellance means you can simply wash mud off the shoes under running water leaving them clena and looking like new. The upper fits the foot well and after a ciouple of runs it has adapted to your foot shape even better.


Aggressive studs provide excellent grip on soft ground, but when things firm up they are supple enough to be forgiving and still give a comfortable ride.


A high performance off-roader that offers comfort at any speed and on any surface. Cushioning is great on firm surfaces but at the same time isn't too deep to be unstable on soft ground. The sole can cope anywhere you take it and the upper provides protection and is durable while being comfortable from the word go.


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