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Ok, it's an ok shoe, but that crazy looking and unnesessary heel design adds nothing to the function of the shoe. Ultimately the shoe is somewhat of a 'variation' of the Clifton yet a little more expensive.
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Our verdict

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton Edge is a lightweight shoe that's ultimately aimed at the same runner that would otherwise choose the regular Clifton. The unusual looking heel flare adds no function, only extra cost, so stay with the Clifton and wait for these in the sale!
  • Positive
  •  Lightweight HOKA cushioning
  •  Familiar HOKA ride
  • Negative
  •  Price
  •  That heel design

First impressions

First impressions make you ask what that extended heel design is all about. Where this confuses is that initially the brand designed these low drop shoes with rocker midsoles to enhance a more midfoot gait. Adding this heel flare for heavy heel strikers therefore is simply confusing. On the run though, it really doesn't matter, no one is going to heel strike at such an angle as to require this extended heel anyway.


It's a nice riding shoe, the familiar cushioning is smooth and soft and simply soaks up any impact. The extended heel, did we mention that already? Well, it simple doesn't add anything to the party.


A standout point in the overall shoe, the upper has an almost stretch-like quality to it, wrapping around the foot neatly and being finished with good quality materials it feels a really nice place to be.  


The usual selection of pieces of rubber added in key areas of impact. Ok on the roads, but stay there as the overall 'smooth' design isn't happy anywhere else.


Fits well, rides well, but costs more than other very similar models in the range.


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